When you're in Story Mode, you'll see workplace communications in a whole new light. Our teaching, techniques, and tools are right for people at all career stages. We don't teach you how to write a sentence. We show you how to tell a story. Get in Story Mode today!

We know. Oh, we really know.

Communicating at work can be annoying. Make that frustrating. Make that terrifying. Make that [insert your own emotion here].

It ain't easy getting the right words on the page (of course we mean the ones that will get approved AND inspire your audience to take action).

Can storytelling really help?

You betcha! Being In Story Mode can make all the difference.

We are like no other writing guides.

It’s not boasting, just a fact. Jill Pollack and Beth Nyland, the co-founders of Story Mode, use everything in their arsenal – creative writing, fiction, poetry, illustration, painting, drama, humor, improv, and tons of experience – to get people to stop just writing sentences and begin to tell stories. Why stories? Because they’re not boring, they are a part of our collective DNA, they help us teach and understand, and above all, they help get the job done.

"Entertaining class with good energy. Very informative, with topics that can be used and implemented immediately."

In Story Mode's self-directed online courses, you'll explore key aspects of writing with style, presenting with confidence, knowing your audience, planning a message or campaign, finding the right words, polishing your story, and re-igniting your creativity.

You'll pick up techniques from business and creative writers, along with lessons learned from your own experiences to put your best self forward at work. Starting now, think of business communication as a creative process, where you're telling stories that move your organization – and even your own career – forward.

Best class that promoted out-of-the-box methods to convey a concise message. Very well done!"

What will you get from a Story Mode course?

  • Confidence! Something we don't talk about enough when it comes to using our creativity at work.
  • Speed! When you know what to ask before you start writing, the words and images come more quickly.
  • Creative License! You're already a super creative person. We'll show you how to channel those imaginative ideas into work projects that will get attention.

And you know what? Every Story Mode course invites you to practice on projects from your own to-do list. So while you're learning, you're also getting work DONE.

A hallmark of Story Mode programs is that in addition to being fun and insightful, they are incredibly practical and immediately applicable. Each lesson you complete will have you tackling work projects with fresh eyes and new ideas.

When you complete each course, you'll also get bonus downloads that we compile with love (and a touch of humor, too).

Business writing IS creative writing.

The objective is not just to learn and practice skills, but to become a more confident writer … because confidence and skill matter when you’re “putting yourself out there” by writing at work.

Who is Story Mode?

Beth Nyland is the Corporate Poet & Cutter of C.R.A.P. She refuses bland and boring. Instead, she guides individuals and organizations to string words and images into stories that motivate people to think, believe, and take action. After all, that's how business gets done.

As Chief Story Wrangler, Jill spends her time chasing down the best stories ... and making them better. Don't Be Boring is her rallying cry and she has helped writers and storytellers at every level to be more confident and creative in each story they tell.